Mr. Korosh Farazad - Respected Founder and Chairman & CEO of Farazad Investments, is renowned within the industry as a pioneer on several fronts. Over the years, he has established a strong platform within the banking industry. He was awarded by the IAIR Awards as the ‘CEO of the Year for Structured Finance Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)’ 2015, and awarded with the ‘Best Structured Finance Company 2015’, by European CEO.

His unique approach has been at the forefront to the firm’s success and paved the way for international recognition from regulatory bodies, who actively seek out his expertise. It is this transparent approach to financing and creative thinking, which introduced an award winning in-house financing formula.

Mr. Farazad’s unrivaled knowledge of International Banking, Finance and the understanding of Investments catapulted the core of the business in the late nineties, in facilitating medium-to-large scale structured financing for major projects worldwide.

Mr. Farazad established Farazad Advisory Limited in the United Kingdom in the fourth quarter of 2015, which further expands the brand across the five Continents. Farazad Advisory Limited provides professional and structured guidance on a variety of mixed use real estate investment opportunities available in the United Kingdom and oversea markets. Other services include consultancy services, in depth market analysis and feasibility reports.

Mr. Farazad has significant growth plans and envisages further expansion of operations within the next few years, including opening additional offices in Emerging markets. These new offices will oversee the further success and development of his vision.



Specialist Advisory Board Member

Mr. Peter White boast an exceptional career within the Insurance industry, holding over 50 years of experience managing insurance broking operations globally and leading the development and execution of major corporate strategies for large companies and Government entities.

Mr. White is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner.

His career began in the London insurance market with various major Lloyd's Insurance brokers. Early in his career, he received an opportunity to work overseas for a major International Insurance Brokering House. He managed their operations in the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. Mr. White also worked for over 20 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, facilitating and managing the UAE operations for Marsh, one of the largest Insurance brokers in the world.

In addition, his diverse expertise enabled him to lead the responsibility for client relations, creating and managing complex insurance programs for commercial companies and state owned operations in diverse industries including Oil & Gas, Aviation, Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality and Banking.

Mr. White is a highly knowledgeable professional within the industry, holding an in-depth understanding of business practices, which include Financial Indemnity Exposures, Compliance Practices and first-hand experience of Mergers & Acquisition.

During his years in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. White proudly gave back to the community and for over a decade was an active Board Member of the British Business Group Dubai and Northern Emirates (BBG), assuming the role of Director Legal Affairs. During his post the BBG was recognized as one of the most successful British Business Groups in the World. Mr. White remains an Honorary lifetime member of the BBG. Now living in the UK, Mr White continues to be involved in his local community as President of the Cambridge Sawston Rotary Club.

He also is the Chairman of 'The Annual Insurance Summit Turkey (TaisTurkey)', a key strategic annual insurance conference held in Istanbul, providing a platform for business engagement and the opportunity to form lasting partnerships.

Mr. White compliments the Farazad Investments team in the capacity of a Specialist Advisory Board Member, providing key advisory services for all insurance related proposals.



Head of Asia Pacific

Mr. Hwan Pyo Chun has being involved in a variety of projects, providing sound strategic advisory and consultancy for global industry sectors such as, infra-structure, construction, IT, advertising, medical, trading, music and multi real estate development around the World. In addition to this he was a key special Advisor for the National Assembly's Audit processes in South Korea for the last several years, which are the fundamentals of his expertise and experience.


He has given individual focus in providing corporate entities, the independent analysis via strict due diligence practices, to follow a sustainable management strategy, to give the Corporations the ability and creativity to thrive in the competitive market environment.

He was President and CEO of several corporations before he joined Farazad Investments in 2004. Initially he was acting Vice President of Farazad Investments in South Korea until 2011 and is currently an Advisory Board Member. His dedication and expertise in foreign markets, is fundamental to assist the Company to strategically expand across Asia Pacific.



Executive Director

Mr. Ken Byrnes possess extensive International experience with an outstanding background in countless Oil & Gas Energy Management Projects. These include in part Coal, Iron, and Petroleum Distillates Strategy. He has played a vital role working with corporations advising on business development and identifying new market entry opportunities.

Mr. Byrnes's has developed a comprehensive network within the industry and his core area of expertise includes buying and selling of petroleum products globally to territories such as Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, United States, China, and South America.

He has worked with FI for over eight years and actively manages sector related Project Financing, with a particular focus in Structured Finance and Credit Enhancement. He has worked on a number of International assignments, predominantly in the United States, Middle East and Europe. He has specialist expertise in large and complex projects, including Project Valuation and Investment Assessment.

He is invaluable to the team and contributes to the success of the organization by effectively developing our market presence across the Atlantic.



Business Development Director of AustralAsia

Mr. Travis Amitrano's educational & working tenure within the private sector's of both financial services and commodity trading spans over 18 + years. He has engaged in an array of activities; including; cross trading, debt funding, project funding, real estate development, family business consulting, investment management, bulk trading of food commodities and is excellent at business development local and cross borders. He is a extremely resourceful and passionate deal maker, with a forward lateral thinking approach who goes above and beyond the call on every transaction.

Mr. Amitrano is also still heavily involved in the cross trading of Soft/Agri commodity products around the globe. In 2014 he was also a Business Development Director for a boutique advisory group based in Melbourne Australia for wholesale private, commercial and institutional clients.

Presently Mr. Amitrano is now the Business Development Director of AustralAsia for Farazad Investments, having been with FI for the past six years in various advisory capacities.

Mr. Amitrano is a true professional, very dedicated, hard working and very loyal to all associates and clients he works alongside.

Mr. Amitrano has completed a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Degree at RMIT University. As well as an Associate Diploma in Accounting at Swinburne University. After his initial college studies at Wesley College in Melbourne.



Director of Business Development

Mr. Jack Kramer has accomplished international experience within trade and investment opportunities both into the United Kingdom and frontier markets. He has pioneered business development growth and contributed to inward investment into diverse market sectors within Europe.

He has extraordinary industry expertise in property development, in particular managing ground up projects through to completion. Mr. Kramer has built a solid network of pioneers in the market that have a strong influence and sizeable portfolio of prime assets globally.

He takes an articulated interest in economics and geography, identifying markets with business opportunities within the hospitality sector.

Mr. Kramer brings a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise to the team, he highly contributes to the existing portfolio and has been at the fore front of new business development.





Ms. Angwara (Mattie) Chalermchaiwat is an Analyst at Farazad Advisory. In her role, she formulates financial analysis reports, conducting in depth analytical research etc. Prior to joining, she received a graduate of completing M.S.c in Management, Concentrations in Finance from University College London and a B.A Economics from Kasetsart University, Thailand. She was also awarded a full double Scholarship from Osaka University, School of Economics.

Ms. Chalermchaiwat, has acquired the knowledge in International Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Mergers and IPOs, Decision and Risk. She has been at the forefront in handling complex transactions and actively identifying and engaging with global Private Equity Funds, with minimum assets under management of Euro 1 Billion. She has a unique ability to analyse and conduct in depth market research which has proven fundamental to transactions.

Ms. Chalermchaiwat, has had a remarkable impact during her employment with a one of the largest book publishing companies. During which she initiated the first critical steps of business expansion to a regional diversified media firm; launching e-books with Ministry of Education; developing audiobooks. She also founded on behalf of the company, an Academy, that is dedicated to find and build the new generation of creative writers.

Her outstanding achievements were proven whilst she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Economics, as she was an exceptional student and completed a 4-year degree within a 3 year term and was awarded the Outstanding Student Medal for Academic Excellence 2013.

During her internship with a major Thai Television Channel 3, she displayed her unique ability and forward thinking, that she was Co-Producer of the most popular Economics program in Thailand. She also specialised in preparing, analysing and concluding impacts of economics for the news content. In 2012 she Co-hosted a television programme, on TNN24 True Visions Chanel, about economic analysis and stock investment strategies.

Ms. Chalermchaiwat, is an asset to the team and provides a unique and fresh perspective to the business, she has already enhanced working practices and continues to lead by example.